The Power of a Positive Attitude

For good or bad, attitude is contagious. A positive attitude, especially in a sales situation, is often rewarded with affirmative action. Upbeat salespeople close more sales - period. Do the salespeople representing you to your clients have the right attitude?

Buyers who feel good, and like the salesperson, buy more! This may seem an obvious statement, but you come across salespeople all the time who exude negativity. It's not that they're miserable, although some are; but they lack confidence in themselves and perhaps their product, and it shows. If it was a physical thing, and sometimes it is, it would manifest itself in a weak handshake and sweaty armpits.

Do you believe in lucky streaks? Do you see sales coming in batches from yourself or members of your sales team? Do they have a run of good days, followed by a run of bad ones? There is little doubt sales success is linked to whether we feel positive or negative during the complete sales process, and even beyond it into our day-to-day life. Now, this may be as much the result of body language as it is positive energy being transferred through thought; no matter, something occurs. It can be measured in the amount of revenue your sales team brings into your company.

Helping your sales reps become more positive and confident is the single biggest thing you can do to immediately increase sales revenue. Here are three things you and your sales team can do today to pump up your positivity quotient.

1. This may sound hokey, but be assured it works. Give it a try. First thing in the morning, perhaps while you are showering, ask yourself, "How do I feel today? Is this a nine-out-of-ten-day, when I feel totally confident and up for whatever life throws at me? Or is the weight of the world on my shoulders and my positive attitude is hovering around a three, and I'm feeling about as positive as a sloth on a slow day?" If it's the latter remind yourself, "Today is a fresh start and whether I'm successful or not is completely dependent on how I approach the day."

2. On days when you score low, remind yourself the power to have a good day or a bad one is completely in your hands. If you can't budge your attitude, adjust your workload accordingly if possible. If your score is very low, it may not be the best day to try to close that important deal, or sell to a difficult prospect. It might be more productive to reconnect with some favourite customers and see if you can get a little upbeat energy from them!

3. Every day for a month, grade yourself on a one to ten basis, one being "I just want to go back to bed" ten being, "Today I'm unstoppable!" On low days, try talk yourself up a few notches. At the end of each day, note the number of sales you have made and the value on a spreadsheet. At the end of the month, mark down your attitude rating above each day's sales in your spreadsheet. It's important to not combine the figures until the end of the month. Once your month's chart is complete, look at the relationship between sales figures on days where your attitude rating is six or higher, to those five and under. You will be surprised to learn how much your attitude affects your sales figures. If you are a sales manager or business owner, use this exercise with your sales team to help them see the power of a positive attitude on their success.

When we go into each sales situation with a high-level of energy and enthusiasm, and with a positive attitude, we are far more likely not only to make a sale, but begin to create a long-term high-performing customer.

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