5 Resolutions Your Business would Make for 2018

If your business could talk to you, it would ask you to make the following five New Year's resolutions to help it succeed and grow. Even if you are already doing some of the strategies detailed below, it may be time to check they are working and up-to-date.

  1. I will ensure my website is responsive and up to date - have you ever visited a site on your mobile device only to find that it's hard to view and even harder to navigate? A responsive website, not to be confused with a mobile-friendly website, adapts to any screen size and is as functional on a smartphone, or even smartwatch as it is on a desktop computer. Why does your company want you to do this? Because, 82% of people use smartphones to research before they buy. And, when you consider there are well over 3-billion mobile device users surfing the internet you really need to take their buying power seriously.

  2. I will create a business Facebook page - sure you may already have a Facebook page, but is it the one you post cat videos on, or photographs of your children, grandchildren, or new car? Not convinced this is necessary for your business? Consider; there are over 60-million active business Facebook pages, so it's likely your competitors are building a following while you are posting images of that great steak you had last night. And, to follow on the theme of the first resolution, more than 1.1-billion people view Facebook pages on mobile devices every day! Here's a link to a guide on setting up your business page: https://goo.gl/XQHVZB

  3. I will create a LinkedIn profile for myself and my business - Many professionals have a LinkedIn profile, and if you don't you really should consider it; it's the number one platform for B2B lead generation. It is also often the first place another businessperson will look to check your credibility - over 500 million professionals use LinkedIn! The other type of profile is a LinkedIn business page; 57% of businesses have a company page (over 13-million of them). Check the following link to see how to set up your business page: https://goo.gl/G5fQfX.

  4. I will create a signature at the bottom of my emails - perhaps you already have your name and telephone number at the end of your email messages, but what about your logo? What about your business Facebook page, your LinkedIn pages, your blog, your website, or a special offer or free giveaway? Using every email you send as an opportunity to market yourself, your business and what you sell makes sense. Create one now and your business will love you for it. Don't know how? Do a YouTube search for "how to create an email signature on + 'add whatever email platform you use'). The same signature can also be used in newsletters and other electronic forms of communication.

  5. I will launch a Blog - blogs have become a staple of many websites and offer a way to build a following for you and your business. If you are now active on Facebook and LinkedIn (and maybe Twitter?) then you can promote each post you write on those sites and drive more people (prospects) to your site. If writing is not your thing, ask a family member, friend, or employee to write them for you. Alternatively, you can buy content on line.

One bonus tip - put links on your website to your new Facebook and LinkedIn pages so people can follow you and your company. Your business has needs; in 2018 think about giving it the support it needs to grow and flourish.

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