10 Ways to Start Your Day Right!

Have you ever thought your day doomed before you've even left home, or got to your office? The way we start our day can have a direct bearing not only on how it goes, but also on work-life balance, our productivity, and overall wellbeing.

Here are ten things you can do to take control of your day, right from the minute you wake up. Many successful CEO's around the world are doing one or more of these things every day, especially meditating which is taking on a whole new level of importance in the world of business. Looking after yourself first; making an investment in you before your company is the best thing you can do for your business.

  1. As soon as you wake up, get up and take three deep breaths to bring focus to yourself. If you can manage to start getting up earlier then this is also an excellent thing to do. Try going to bed a little earlier and always at the same time. It's a huge energy and positivity boost to be up and about early - you realize that all of a sudden you have more day to enjoy, more time to yourself and you are not playing catch-up right from the outset.

  2. Once you are out of bed, go to a window and if it's not open, open it and look at the outside world - smell the fresh air. Perhaps do a few stretches to loosen yourself up and get your blood circulating. Take joy in the new day - remind yourself there is a whole day in front of you to enjoy.

  3. Drink a glass of water - starting the day hydrated can work wonders for your concentration and prepare your body for the day.

  4. Smile - it may sound strange, but smiling (even if you are faking it) makes you more aware of your mood and can change a somewhat negative first-thing-in-the-morning attitude, into a positive one. It's also infectious, you'll find yourself doing it every morning and feeling great. Don't smile because you are happy, be happy because you smile!

  5. Being mindful is a powerful way to clear the mind and prepare the mind for a productive day. Walk your dog if you have one and focus completely on the walk; be in the moment rather than let your mind wander off into problem solving or planning. If you haven't got a dog, give all your attention to your family, or loved one. Whatever you do in the mornings try to be mindful and not operate on auto-pilot.

  6. Meditate or do yoga. As mentioned earlier, meditation is the most talked about activity of successful people. Ask Ellen DeGeneres or Jeff Weiner the CEO of LinkedIn - the latter diarizes meditation time every day.

  7. Enjoy a healthy, light, breakfast - coffee if you must, but green tea will be better for you. Never miss breakfast, you need the energy and you don't want to start snacking mid-morning.

  8. Exercise - this can be instead of meditating, or as well as. Many successful entrepreneurs do a regular morning workout to prepare themselves for their day.

  9. Spend a few minutes considering your big picture vision and strategies. It's always good to have a clear idea of where you are going and why.

  10. Think about your must-do's and create a short to-do list which focuses only on the key priorities of the day. Better to have a shorter to-do list you complete than a long one you don't manage to complete.

This may all sound a little new age, but it works. The time you spend on yourself getting the day off to a good start, will pay dividends in the success of your business. You'll be less stressed, on top of your game and all of a sudden, by putting yourself first, your work-life balance will be in positive territory.

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