Creature Vaults: Taking His Art To The World

Meet Luke Stalker-Switzer of Creature Vaults It’s hard to capture in a few words the remarkable inner world, the intense and intuitive creative energy, and prodigy-like talent of local sculptor Luke Stalker-Switzer. Add to that his entrepreneurial spirit which has taken him away from Vancouver to the Shuswap where he is presently creating works that might very possibly be seen on global stages in the not too distant future. Although he was gainfully employed in the entertainment industry, (even sculpting for a Halloween party held by the US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump thanks to a fateful connection while in the USA) like any free spirit Luke wanted to stand out in the world on his own, with his own works, and has big, big plans. “Big risks equal big rewards,” said Luke. When asked about how Community Futures Shuswap has been instrumental in his efforts, Luke replied, “Community Futures was the start of actually making this happen. I tried going to banks for business loans but I was turned away because my art is expensive to produce and I knew self-funding was next to impossible. The team at Community Futures Shuswap have helped me realize my dream. I don’t know what I would do without their support and advice.” One of the needs in the marketplace that Luke discovered during his education and training is the need for courses that teach things that are not offered in traditional fine art institutes. As a part of Luke’s business, he will offer studio-style courses using oil-based clay from mold making techniques and how to detail a face to make it look real, to casting to painting. Luke grew up in Salmon Arm. He speaks highly of his community citing his intentional return because it’s a very supportive community and he wants to give back to the community. Local support from studios such as Meikle Studios and organizations such as the Arts Council of the South Shuswap have made the transition easier. In fact, there’s a preview of Luke’s body of works that will be held at Meikle Studios beginning August 27 for two weeks. The residents of the Shuswap are invited for a sneak peak of a show that Luke intends to take global. Luke’s desire is to not only put his works on the global map but the City of Salmon Arm as well. Launching “fine art to the world”, “helping change the art for the world” and “standing for something” are among the goals and values high on Luke’s list. He’s well on his way.

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