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Community Futures Shuswap will have a Board of Directors of 8 – 14 people, who represent the diverse communities within CF Shuswap’s service area.


Volunteers who sit on the Board of Directors and Committees of Community Futures Shuswap represent all sectors of the community and bring with them their expertise in business, finance, education, and social policy.  The Board will undertake an annual review of the composition of the Board and will seek new board appointments to ensure the board reflects:


Geographic representation, and specifically, representation from Salmon Arm, Sicamous, CSRD Electoral Areas C, D, E F, and First Nations communities;


Economic sector representation, including forestry, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, retail, research and development, communications and /or business services;


Community interest representation, including health, education, local government, the arts, housing, social services, labour, retirement, stakeholder groups, youth, and/or women.


The Board will seek new board members who have diverse skills and attributes, including financial knowledge, business acumen, strategic thinking, local knowledge, leadership, vision, and teamwork.


The Board will annually strike a nominating committee to undertake this work.  The Nominating Committee will commence the process in February of each year with the goal of having new board members approved by the Board in time for the AGM usually scheduled in June.


Board members serve for a maximum three-year term. Board members are limited to three consecutive terms of service (nine years), subject to their being re-elected or re-appointed at the end of each term. Board member terms are set to start and end over staggered years to ensure Board continuity.








Here are a few more specifics if you are thinking of offering your name or putting a name forward to serve on our Board.

Board of Directors Recruitment Process

Based on our Policies and Procedures, the Board of Directors will:

1. Review our composition at the beginning of each fiscal year and identify potential recruitment needs.

2. Consider potential candidates put forward by the current Board of Directors, volunteers, employees, and contractors from community volunteers who meet the criteria and needs of the Board.

3. Choose to recruit candidates by advertising through various forms of media for the Board of Directors and Committee positions.

Board of Directors Succession Plan

Based on our Policies and Procedures, the Board of Directors will:

1. The Director Succession Plan ensures that the representatives have the knowledge and skills necessary to secure the long-term, efficient, and effective performance of the Corporation.

2. The maximum term that a Director can serve is 9 consecutive years from the first date of the appointment. On average, 2 of the Directors will meet the 9-year maximum annually and therefore two new members will be appointed.



If you wish to have a copy of our Director Recruitment Policy and/or Director Or Volunteer Application, please contact the Executive Director, Community Futures Shuswap.


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We are proud of the quality and calibre of our
Board of Directors.
Here's a great example:
our 2016 Volunteer of the Year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board, contact the Executive Director, Community Futures Shuswap.

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Community Futures is an independant organization, locally run and guided by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected from within the Shuswap region.


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