Multi-tasking – Is it Really Effective?

There is a value to living in the moment – to being focused on one thing at one time. Thich Naht Hanh the Vietnamese Buddhist comments that when you are doing the dishes, do the dishes. The idea is that focusing entirely on one thing is beneficial both in terms of your effectiveness and your mental energy and happiness. Often we put ourselves on auto-pilot when we are doing a mundane job, or one that we don't particularly enjoy. By completely focusing on it, mindfulness practitioners tell us we will be content in the moment – neither living in the past or fantasizing about the future. Most people think they are good at multi-tasking but in reality, they are not. Try this exercise: recite the

Coach's Corner - Moving Toward a Better Communication Style

What is your communication style? How does it work for you? How can you be more effective in your communications? There are essentially 4 types of communication styles: Passive, Aggressive, Passive/Aggressive, and Assertive. When we are passive in our communications, others do not really know what we are thinking or what we want. We may feel taken advantage of, not respected, and overlooked when decisions are being made. In the end, we may find ourselves unable to communicate our thoughts, feelings and desires effectively. Are we really meeting our needs when we communicate passively? What are we avoiding when we do not actively communicate? Although others know what we want with an aggressi

Secrets of a Sales Rep. - Episode 2

"Finding Common Ground" The following article was written by Mike Wicks; he is currently an author and ghostwriter, but in his early career he was a professional salesman. He has developed dozens of sales and marketing courses and delivered hundreds of hours of sales and marketing training during his career. He is also an adviser with University of Victoria's Innovation Centre of Entrepreneurship. "Finding Common Ground" is the second in a series of articles in which he shares with readers his secrets of sales success. The first "Secrets" article was published in this publication in March, 2018. In my first "Secrets of a Sales Rep" article I talked about the value of becoming a chameleon whe

JOB POSTING: Indigenous Tourism Coordinator

Job Posting Closes on June 30, 2018 @ 4:00pm Under the general direction of the Executive Director, Community Futures Shuswap, the Indigenous Tourism Coordinator is responsible for the implementation of the two year Indigenous Tourism Strategy for the Lakes Communities of the Shuswap Region. The position will be a part-time, contract position for a two year period. It will be remotely located within the Shuswap. (eg. No office space will be provided). The Strategy is a collaboration between the Secwepemc Communities of Neskonlith, Adams Lake and Splats’in in the Shuswap Region of British Columbia and is supported by Community Futures Shuswap, Shuswap Tourism and the Province of BC. The pos


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