SLMA Preliminary Assessment Presentations

Preliminary Assessment Presentations for: Salmon Arm CSRD - Area C Neskonlith Indian Band Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band Splatsin First Nation Adams Lake Indian Band

Staying Motivated

At times we are in periods when there appears to be not much happening. Sales are sluggish because it's a slow part of the sales cycle.

The Current Generational Mix

A Quick Look at the Current Generational Mix Much has been said about the Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y, but what are the characteristics that set them apart? What do we need to understand about each generation, if we are to work side by side with them, or hire them? If you are an employer it can be very useful to know what makes people tick; what motivates them, inspires them, and what they deem as important. Each generation requires unique handling in terms of management and leadership to ensure they are delivering at their best and overall morale remains high. If you treat all the generations the same you'll find yourself in deep water. Baby Boomers These employees are between 53 and 71 (2017

Shuswap Labour Market Assessment & Action Planning Project Update

September 2017 Another huge thank you to all community members who have thus far participated in the Shuswap Labour Market Assessment (SLMA) project! We have now concluded Round 2 of community meetings in the participating communities. A quick recap: This is a multi-phased project to assess what is the current state of each of the participating Shuswap communities’ labour market, where are our strengths and where are our challenges. Each participating community will have a total of 4 community meetings. 1. Presentation of the Available Data (Feb/Mar 2017) 2. Presentation of the Current Data (Sept 2017) 3. Brainstorming Possible Strategic Activities (Sept/Oct 2017; 2.5 hrs, with refreshments)

Coach's Corner - What Questions are We Asking?

Coach's Corner - What Questions are We Asking? Today's educational professionals are moving towards Inquiry-Based Learning. It is a process that we can all learn from as we grow our business, improve our team, or enhance our career. It's about the questions we ask ourselves and others, for instance employees, colleagues or supervisors. It's about having trust enough to allow others to take an active role and responsibility for their part of the business or a project. "Inquiry-based learning is a form of active learning that starts by posing questions, problems or scenarios-rather than simply presenting established facts or portraying a smooth path to knowledge." Wikipedia Too often, as a bos


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